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The New Plan. According to John Boyer's A Twentieth-Century Cosmos: The New Plan and the Origins of General Education at Chicago, the beginnings of UChicago's history of general education can be traced back to the New Plan of the 1930s. Often misattributed to former University president Robert Maynard Hutchins, it was Dean of the College. 清柚教育Cheersyou——北美权威升学机构。清柚教育创立于美国纽约,核心导师均具有美国名校招生院工作经验,充分了解名校的录取流程及偏好,为学生制定个性化方案。. Course Types Core Curriculum. The Core Curriculum Courses, starting with Year 1, comprise the four-year certificate.. Alumni Offerings. For students who have completed at least two years of the Basic Program Core Curriculum, we offer Alumni Sequences and Courses:. Alumni Sequences are two-year, curated courses of study to deepen the conversation and provide the same cohort experience as in the. At UChicago, the Core curriculum will feed my hunger for a broad undergraduate education by guaranteeing that one-third of my studies will be dedicated to the exploration of the humanities, sciences, and arts. I yearn to engage in vibrant discussion with UChicago musicians who study neuroscience, business majors who star in theater productions.
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